By Geoff Notkin of Science Channel's hit TV series Meteorite Men

Rock Star is the eagerly-awaited second book by award-winning author Geoffrey Notkin, and star of the popular television adventure series, Meteorite Men.

In this remarkable personal memoir, a science writer and television host with a rock ’n’ roll heart describes his exciting, and sometimes astonishing, quest for meaning and understanding in an unexplainable universe.

From the smoking volcanoes of Iceland to the sunblasted wasteland of Chile’s Atacama Desert, and the Australian Outback to the Siberian Arctic, Geoffrey Notkin recounts a forty-year odyssey of adventure that takes him to some of the world’s strangest and wildest places—where music and meteorites are often the only sign posts.

Rock Star, chronicles Geoff's incredible adventures across four continents in search of rare and valuable space rocks, his career as a professional rock 'n' roll musician, and his childhood in a Dickensian British public school. It is populated by a cast of fascinating, larger-than-life characters, and relates hilarious behind-the-scenes stories about the making of Geoff's numerous TV shows. A unique, unforgettable, and beautifully-told story of adventure, passion, determination, danger, frustration, and ultimate triumph.

6 x 9 inches, perfect bound, 252 pages
Full color throughout with over 130 exclusive photographs
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"Rock Star is a fantastic blend of adventure story, meteorites, rock 'n' roll, and everything else that's fun in life. Every meteorite collector, astronomy enthusiast, and soul with a zest for life should own and treasure a copy!"

Astronomy Magazine

"Frankly, I have never been so impressed with a writer's first bio, as I am with this book. I exhort all readers to grab Rock Star and don't let go!"

Book Tales

"Rock Star Adventures of a Meteorite Man, the latest book by Geoff Notkin, held a surprise on every page. I expected a great book of stories. What I got was something far more. Yes, meteorites are rare and precious, but I found there is other treasure in the pages of Rock Star. Geoff has shared his life story, and that was a wonderful gift."

Meteorite Times

“Geoffrey Notkin is a mild-mannered Englishman who, once he dons his hunting gear, becomes an intrepid explorer for treasure. His quarry is not of this planet, but fragments of other planets that have landed on Earth. His searches take him to remote locations all over the globe and his accounts are filled with adventure, daring, and a shared sense of humanity. Why would a seemingly normal person take up such a pursuit? Because the fragments he finds tell us about the origins of our solar system and our place in the universe.”

—Dr Joel L. Schiff, founding editor and publisher, Meteorite magazine

Rock Star: Adventures of a Meteorite Man

[above] Sample page spread from Rock Star
In Chapter Seven, "Desert Pavement: Hard Road to Imilac," the author describes a harrowing three-week journey across Chile's Atacama Desert during the spring of 1997, in search of rare, gem-laden space rocks. Accompanying Geoff was a young meteorite hunter he'd never before met in person, named Steve Arnold. The Atacama Expedition was the beginning of a great friendship that would eventually spawn Meteorite Men the TV series, well over a decade later.

By Geoffrey Notkin
Published by Stanegate Press, June 1, 2012
6 x 9 inches, perfect bound, 252 pages, full color throughout

Price: $30.00 + shipping


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