By Geoffrey Notkin
Host of Science Channel's hit TV series Meteorite Men


What readers are saying about Meteorite Hunting:

"Geoff has done an incredible job outlining for everyone the art of finding's what he loves to do best and I'm certain everyone will enjoy the read from the newest meteorite enthusiasts to the most seasoned professionals.....Also, once you've seen the illustrations and photos, it's apparent that [staff photographer] Suzanne Morrison has provided some of the best meteorite photography I've ever seen. Congratulations to all on a job very well done!"
— Arlene

"This book . . . has a place on any meteorite collector's shelf. I particularly like the glossy pages with wonderful pictures. The pictures of Geoff, and Geoff and Steve, hunting meteorites and the meteorites are fantastic. Excellent photography and book amounts to a "how-to" for hunting meteorites. If you haven't purchased one, do so. You won't regret it. Thanks Geoff. Very nice book."
— Walter


"I knew from what everyone was saying about the book that it was going to good. I got mine this afternoon and I am blown away at the superior quality of the photographs and descriptions. Way above my expectations :)"
— Richard

"Just finished reading it for the first time. Great reading. Fantastic photos. I will keep this book handy, for further reference. A true work of art! You really have a way with words. Truly inspiring!"
— Roger


"We just received it in the mail today and it is great. Incredible photos, top quality. I may even need another copy, as my wife has 'taken' it from me. A beautiful work. Thanks for creating it."
— Gary


"I wanted to let you know how much I've been enjoying your new book. It's my bedtime reading, and kudos to you for the thoughtful way this book was put together, and the comprehensiveness of material you have utilized. The pictures/illustrations are top-notch—very well done."
— Rich


"Just finished reading my copy. It's a wonderfully helpful field guide for meteorite hunters and collectors alike. It helps with determining great spots to search, meteorite identification, classification, tools you need for the field, etc....I recommend it!!!"
— Deisha


"I have read [Meteorite Hunting] and have thoroughly enjoyed your writing and great quality photos. I will continue to enjoy and study your book and use its first-hand advice to keep looking. Thank you."
— David

"First rate writing and you added some excellent photos as well—thanks and congrats!"
— Michael
    New Jersey

"Excellent book! Lots of good information. Thanks!"
— Natalie

"Nicely done! Well written, easy to read, great for newcomers and oldtimers alike in the hobby of meteorite collecting."
— Michael

"Obviously from a science minded gent, who helps the layman truly find the work and pics easy on the eyes and the imagination and I just find it a fantastic book!!"
— Rick

"I got my book late last week and all I can say is 'wow!' I've been taking my time reading it because I don't want it to end! It's so well written it feels like a conversation with an old friend and the photos are truly inspiring."
— Andrew

"Geoff ... Just finished your book...A milestone for hunters, information seekers and die hard meteorite 'junkies'...the definitive guide to everything 'meteorite'...You outdid yourself on this one....THANK YOU...!!!"
— Jim

"I've been reading your book Meteorite Hunting and love it. I'm a meteorite rookie and have found your book to be tremendously helpful and entertaining. The pictures are crisp, clear and really beautiful."
— Rob
    New York

"WOW! What a beautifully done book. Got it today—just now as a matter of fact!
Still drooling over the photos"
— Michael
    South Carolina

"Excellent - chock full of fascinating information and fabulous photos!"
— Cathryn

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